Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tree of Savior Hacks & Exploits

Even though the game is currently still in closed beta people might be wondering whether Tree of Savior currently has any hacks or exploits. The answer to that question is yes. Currently these are the hacks that people are using in Tree of Savior:

  • Teleportation to any position on the map including inside walls and underground.
  • Record waypoints and Teleport to custom or downloaded waypoints
  • Fly Hack
  • Zoom Hack
  • Speed Hack
  • Semi God mode (works with melee damage only) 
There are also bot programs that the game currently has which people are using. The speed hacks specifically are controlled client side but the game itself has checks for file modification which is why people who are using the exploit are editing the games memory using cheat engine or inject style hacks. Unpacking and repacking the files will not work and will break the game. Hopefully IMCgames knows about these exploits and patches them so speed hacking isn't possible by using cheat engine or other hacking programs. It's never wise for game companies to control speed or positioning of the character from clientside files. These should be controlled server side only to prevent players from injecting client commands. While I can't really see a purpose to the teleport hacking and stuff in a game like this I'm sure it added unneeded stress and lag to the server when people are sending teleporting commands. This would also explain why we lag or disconnect in certain maps and around other players. I've seen people teleporting in cities.

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