Monday, November 16, 2015

Tree of Savior Overview

If you've heard about Tree of Savior already then you know what the game is about. But if you haven't then your asking yourself what is this game about why should I care. Originally the project was called Project R1 because it is a spiritual reincarnation of Ragnarok Online the first game not to be confused with RO2 which was so bad that it never should have been released. The game continues to display the 2.5 3d graphics only instead of using unreal engine, they are using a custom engine which is the same they used for another game called "Wolfknights". They also brought back music from the same company SoundTeMP which was used in Ragnarok Online as well.

Currently the game is in closed beta 2 testing with a closed beta 3 test possible. I'm a tester of the game myself. When the game releases it's going to be released with 80 classes and 10 class advancements. The game currently is far from polished so over the next few day's I'll go over some of the bugs and things that I noticed thus far about the game. As well as some of the features the game has too.

But with that being said if they can improve the negative aspects of the game it will be a very successful game for people who enjoyed Ragnarok Online. So you should really keep an open mind about the game over all and not just write it off. As for people who haven't played Ragnarok Online at all you should still give it a chance. Reason I say this is because even though you might not think the graphics are the best graphics out there sometimes games that have poor graphics have really good everything else. And I never look at a game just for the graphics. I like story-line and systems and features stuff that keeps you playing for a long time.

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