Friday, November 27, 2015

World Boss fighting in TOS

World bosses in Tree of Savior spawn at random times which I have not figured out as of yet. But today I uploaded a nice video so you can get an idea about what these boss fights are like. These are very similar to what people from Ragnarok Online would know as MVP bosses. From what I've seen these bosses don't reset and can be dragged pretty much all around the map. Unlike the normal monsters roaming around the map which will reset and walk back to the location they spawned at. These world bosses have massive amount of health and take pretty long to kill. I actually got a really nice item off the boss I killed.

So you most likely are wondering what legendary item drop I got from this boss and I have a picture to show you as well as I'll explain how it works.
This was the item which dropped from the boss. The way the toy hammer works is every 10 hits the Area effect which you see the boss do in the video that surrounds him triggers. With the amount of magic attack the hammer has it does around 550 fire damage in a circle around you meaning that you can gather groups of monsters together and use the 10th hit to do an explosion. But the damage is fire element so when you get into mage tower you will want a different weapon because you will not do good damage with it at that point. The base magic will be good for quite a few levels but later you will find yourself replacing it. And it can also be increased Arde Dagger which I'll show for reference:
Because when I ran the level 90 dungeon I also got the dagger as well. Both end up being a pretty nice combo since the dagger increases fire damage as well. You could also use the toy hammer with a shield its up to you how you want to use it.

But before I travel too much off topic I have seen three different types of bosses. The first was the one I shot the video of in mausoleum chapel 3rd floor which was mostly melee aside from his AoE that he does. On floor one of mausoleum chapel a ranged world boss with a bow pretty much hits like a truck and does arrow rain. I didn't get to record that one because the server was pretty much a lag fest and the bosses arrow rain was pretty much slaughtering everyone and I got killed a few times just because of pulling aggro. In the first floor of the mausoleum (there's another mausoleum at level 81+) I saw a magic caster world boss I didn't get to really video that one either but that one was pure murder I spent more time dead on the floor then doing damage.

We aren't too sure how the distribution for the loot table for the boss is but there's a few things we do actually know which will be helpful for when you do a boss. People who do damage to the boss but die during the fight that resets the participation you did in doing damage. So you want to avoid dieing because if you do a lot of the damage but die you have to go and do more damage again to be considered for drops. The loot comes in the way of a cube which is opened for a RNG chance at something good. Most of the items that come out aside from weapons are mostly used for vendor money. Example Talt <- Vendors for 5k if you sell it to anyone for less then your doing it wrong. But people do that pretty often because they don't check the vendor prices. Silver bar is 30k vendor as well. Some of it can also be used for high level recipes but never sell those items for less then vendor price.

We don't exactly know whether healers get participation based on healing. It was brought up in the forums but no one could give a straight answer about it but if your party does enough damage you should get rewards. We did make suggestions to the developers about doing something for healers if they can't find a party. But we also don't know if the boss has a limit on payload like for example the top 20 people getting loot ect. Cause it doesn't seem like every single person gets loot.

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